Waiting for Hunter…

So its been a relatively uneventful 9 months of pregnancy, thank goodness!

I was one of the lucky few that didn’t have morning sickness (except for an unexpected visitor one winter morning, Suit and car = 0, baby on board = 1).

My cravings had been mild, a stop at the quick shop every morning to get 3 packets of super C’s was nothing to write home about.

The family in Scotland and Italy had booked their flights and were merrily going about their days in preparing for the first Grandson and niece/nephew while excitement was building!

All it took was a routine check up at my Doc to freak us both out and all hell broke loose.

The Doc had told us that according to the scan baby was coming 9 days early and that he hoped Grandma wouldn’t miss the big show! In fact he left us saying “See you at your next check up in a week or tonight, whatever!” Nothing like a comment like that to send you into overdrive!

The REALITY of it all hit me like a slap in the face. As if my body hadn’t been through enough it was about to be split open 9 DAYS early and we were definitely not prepared. It’s amazing how you can feel like an adult and don’t need your parents until a moment like this, when all you want to do is say “Here mommy you fix!”

With visions of an avalanche of visitors descending upon us and a little human arriving, I kicked into 1st gear. In no time at all I had booked granny on an earlier flight out from Scotland, so that I could have her here for the big day! Clearly “Mommy will fix” was still in the back of my head.

With that under my belt i started to relax and work my last day so that I could go home and start nesting. I was told that nesting just happens…um no it certainly didn’t for me.

Our weekend was filled with last-minute shopping for things we didn’t know how to use, and frantic reading up on birth plans and breast-feeding. Hubby was buried in tools and dust while putting up last-minute shelving and Facebook was alive with status updates and well wishers.

Through all this madness I honestly could not wait for the arrival of our new baby! I had been looking forward to this day for years, and it was finally here.

Granny D was on the way everything was going to be fine…

Mr Hicks drops by…

Granny D arrives and that night we have a visit from a very uninvited friend Mr Braxton Hicks.

We had all gone to bed for the night when I woke at around 3 am for the usual loo run that comes every 2 hours in your last month of pregnancy. I had pretty much mastered the art of it though, I was able to get up go to the loo and get back into bed (which is usually a 15 minute affair) without actually waking up.

Anyway, as I get back into bed that evening I have a sudden and excruciating pain in my lower abdomen. I grab out for my hubby’s arm as I am strewn across the bed, and he bolts upright and immediately kicks into “chicken with his head cut off” mode. He is running around switching on lights with a face filled with absolute terror when I ask him to help me up. I needed to walk it seemed the only thing that might actually help.

Once im up Willie bolts straight to the kitchen and turns on the kettle because it seems tea or coffee must be the solution to this problem. When he offers me tea or coffee I reply “Milo please” like it’s the most normal thing in the world to be thinking about while I am having Alley Mc Beal flashes of a thousand knives going into my uterus. But wait this circus only gets better when he asks “hot or cold?”……to which I reply “warm please!”.

Looking back know we were so unprepared so we did what we know how to do, make Milo. Needless to say he spent the remainder of the morning reading up on labour pains, while I made a list of things I needed in my hospital bag.

Granny D…slept like a log, nothing like jet lag!

The build up…

Its been a week since the new due date and still no baby!

We are all going crazy with anticipation! The only thing keeping us sane was the arrival of the Italian Connection. My brother Ryan and his wife Stefania have arrived from Sardinia, Italy to see their new niece/nephew.

Minutes seem like hours for me as I grow bigger every day, im not sure my body can take much more of this!

Oh and with the arrival of Granny D came the voice of reason…she keeps telling me to walk and all i want to do is sleep!

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