Hunters arrival

Thursday 8 Dec 2012, I woke up that morning feeling like i had morning sickness! strange because I hadnt felt sick throughout my pregnancy, but after a quick visit to the loo and last nights dinner coming back up, I really felt fine, much like I had any other day.After all the near misses of late every time a felt a twinge I wrote it off as nothing, simply because of all the hysteria it would bring if I mentioned that I might be in labour.

We had gone for lunch (and a walk – orders from Granny D) at Lifestyle. I was feeling extremely tired that day and was grateful to sit down for lunch, however food was not high on my list of things that i wanted. While we were ordering I felt a strong pull but decided to keep it to myself.

We enjoyed the lunch and as we were paying sure enough there it was again, given it wasnt as strong as the last but i still made a mental note that this might be it. Time 15:15pm 8 Dec 2012.

Later that afternoon I was lounging on the couch when I felt the twinge again this time slightly stronger than before. Time 16:45. At around half 5 I decided a nice cup of tea would be just what I needed and as I stood up I buckled a bit in pain. Needless to say the cat was out of the bag and Granny D was onto me. I explained calmly that its probably nothing but I had been feeling twinges since we sat down to lunch earlier but I begged that we dont get all excited just yet and enjoy our tea.

Sure enough the “twinges” started coming at hourly intervals and the excitement grew. Ryan, Stef, Blake and my Dad we called to pop in for dinner because tonight may be the night. The problem is that beign my first baby I had no real idea of what a contraction should really fell like, during dinner I had some back ache but not enough for me to be really uncomfortable so once again I kept quiet.

Eventualy at about 11 that night I decided that I was indeed in labour the pains had got alot stronger, and I suppose I just knew something was different from the other times. We had spent such a great family evening catching up with the Italian connection, I was so happy they had all made it out for this!

Dad was asleep on the couch, when my mom decided its time to walk, so off we went, Mom,Willie,Stef and I in the pouring rain for a walk aroung the complex at 11:30 at night. At the time it was hysterical, we must of looked like a bunch of loonies and to top it off my Schnauzer Brody started howling like a blady wolf! That must have made the neighbours happy! I got back and got straight into a nice hot bath, it wasnt long before I felt a swish of cold water come past my leg that I thought that might be my water breaking. So out the bath, everyone in the car and off we go to the Parklane hospital. Time 12:30pm

I walked into the labour ward explaining my situation and getting the “oh this is her first, shame she doesnt know” looks from the nurses they said I probably wasnt but they would check with the aid of monitors. Sure enough once they had strapped me up, the nurse turned to me and said “Oh, you are having contractions”. They explained that they had contacted the Doc and he was comfortable to let me move along naturally until 6 in the morning and if nothing had happened they would put me on a drip that speeds up the delivery.

So there we were, family was told to come back at 6 and Granny D was allowed to stay in the room with us. 5am marked the start of birth preparation – not cool I reckon my Hubby gained new respect for women that morning. Nothing had happened by 6am so they started preping for the drip.

It wasnt 5 minutes later and suddenly the monitors start beeping and alarms are going off – baby is in distress. They removed the drip immediately and had me on oxygen and lying on my side until the Doc arrives with the news that I needed an emergency C-section.

On top of all of that trauma was the fact that in the middle of the HOTTEST summer recorded the weather turned on that particular morning to cold and plenty of rain. This meant that the family were stuck in traffic and might miss the birth.


Grandpa and Uncle Ryan

Uncles & Aunty Stef

Grandpa and the Uncles in wait

Thank goodness it all worked out well and everyone that needed to be there was there.

Honestly it wasnt as bad as expected however I could do without ever having a spinal tap again, and in fact I could without ever seeing the Doc who administrated it again, what a mess!

My beautiful baby boy was born at 9:45 on the 9th Dec 2012, weighing 2.97kg and scoring 9/10 on his Apgar test

Its a BOY!

Very proud Dad – Its a BOY!


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