The twins turn 10

Your cousins Lienke and Katrien turned 10 this past weekend and in celebration we were invited to spend the weekend away with them in Sun City.

We joined them on Friday late afternoon after an adventurous drive. Kenzie is not a good traveller and spent a large part of the journey vomiting but thankfully once it was all out she felt better and joined you in what can only be described as a verbal marathon. Hunter literally did not stop speaking for 2 hours about the bridges, “aminals”, mountains, trucks etc.

Anyway we settled in while you played and acquainted yourself with the surroundings. We stayed at the Vacation club and had 2 great apartments next to each other. Marie, Millah and Ruben joined us later than evening.

A little later, Dad, Marie and Etienne decided they needed to go for a steak at Squires Loft while Elna and I chilled outside while you kids settled in to the “Christmas bed”.


The next day we got you all dressed up and ready for the Valley of waves – much excitement! While we were getting ready though Tannie Elna gave Hunter and Ruben water guns…needless to say we had to change them again before we left because you were completely sopping.

20150131_083802 20150131_083836 20150131_083949


The valley of waves was awesome! Kenzie enjoyed the sand and had a quick swim but Hunter waded into the valley with his tube and we bounced over the waves, waiting for the Lions heads to start spraying water for the big wave. Hunter had a ball and eventually passed out and had to be pushed back home in the pram while we carried Kenzie.


That night we had a braai and it was an early night for Millah, Ruben, Kitty and Lienke but Liam and Hunter held strong. Liam kept him entertained by blowing up balloons and placing them under the duvet on the couch while Hunter jumped off the side of the couch landing on them – mass happiness.

Sunday was over before we knew it, a quick swim and sad goodbyes. The best part 2 exhausted children slept for 2 hours on the way home.


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