1st day of Nursery School

My Darling Hunter,


You started your first day of Nursery school yesterday. You were so excited to get out of the house and try something new that you basically bounced to the car. You told me that morning that I was your girlfriend and could therefore drive you to school (what a relief!). Looking like a new penny you said goodbye to your sister and we all made our way to the school in the pounding rain! When I say all I mean Granny D, Grandpa, Dad, me and you, all in one car listening to the ramblings of an excited little man. As we got close to the school you told me your tummy feels hungry (I assume that was nerves).

Your first day went well, we got there and you were asleep on your stretcher with all the other little monsters. Teacher Candice said you hadn’t asked for us once that day which is excellent! #proudparents


Day 2 went well too, you were a bit more teary but OK to go out and ride the bikes. Your teacher sent me this photo of you today enjoying yourself.


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