Granny D`s Visit

I can’t believe that 6 weeks has passed by so quickly but it was jam-packed with excitement and busy days with Granny D around.

She quickly became apart of your routine and the 2 of you loved having you around, and of course so did we!

I have included some of the adventures we had with her, she will be sorely missed until our next holiday with her…I heard rumblings of Disney Land?

New Years: We had a chilled braai at home and Granny D was roped into being a Lion with you in you skeleton jarmies.

20141231_183201 20141231_183556 20141231_184305 20141231_184517


A day at the Zoo:

What an awesome day! You were old enough to enjoy the animals and run around with us. We even had a picnic (much excitement!) catered for by Granny D. Great memories made.

20150105_085120 20150105_104737 20150105_104936 20150105_125731


Granny D has mad the cutest little outfits for Kenzie so we spent an afternoon trying them on, much to Kenzie`s dismay, they were mostly a little big but super cute.


20150109_153613 20150109_154003




Visiting Uncle Tony:

We had a day out to visit Granny`s brother Uncle Tony, which was a great family gathering. You had a ball playing Flash Gordon and checking out the house.

20150111_134901 20150111_134954 20150111_135002 20150111_135031 20150111_153658 20150111_153829


Big Bath graduation: Kenzie graduated to the big bath last week. She now looks forward to bathing even more (if that’s possible) because it with her big brother.



On Granny`s last day we had some painting fun, the 2 of you really enjoyed painting each other and Granny, it looked more like a murder scene though next time maybe rethink the colors.

20150113_160012 20150113_160142 20150113_160311 20150113_160547 20150113_160924 20150113_161411 20150113_16154820150113_121456


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