The full family Christmas of 2014

We were super blessed the festive season to have our whole family together, the build up to Christmas was exhausting to say the least because having so much family around means added opinions and tastes but as I sat back to take it all in on Christmas day I suddenly felt so happy that we could spend this day together. The last time we were all together for Christmas was in 2011. Even though we were missing Oom Hannes and family, we knew that we would get time with them in the Easter holidays.

Christmas eve celebrations started at Uncle Blake`s house, where Robs and Blake put together a spread for both her family and ours to get together and Christmas wishes. It was a great day, Hunter and Kenzie were the center of attention, being the only children and the adults all had a great time over a game of Cranium.

20141224_141028 20141224_140939 20141224_140921 20141124_143842

That night we got home listening to long chats about Santa “craws” and Father Christmas, and how his reindeer must be tired and we must leave some milk and Christmas cake out for him.


The excitement got the better of sleep and Hunter only managed to get into bed at 9.30pm.

Christmas morning you came bursting into our room yelling “Happy Christmas!”, and it wasn’t long after that that we actually saw Father Christmas making his way through the garden with a large bag on his back, to much excitement! After almost breaking the passage door down to see the Christmas tree you stood in absolute awe at the amount of presents Father Christmas had managed to get down the chimney.

20141224_223319He had also left some snow on the floor which you offered to clean up before opening presents.

Hunter was spoilt with Spider-man ANYTHING you can think of …

20141225_090434       and Kenzies best gift was a little “Lambie doll” from Doc McStuffins.

The day was spent in the pool because it was blistering hot as all the guys played water cricket and the kids tried out their new boats, lilos and tubes.

20141225_111111 20141225_111113 20141225_113157 20141225_115844 20141225_132347 20141225_140115 20141225_173730 20141225_173759

It was absolutely beautiful and we all got spoilt beyond imagination, but the best part for me was sharing your first Christmas with your sister.

I love you my babies!


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