Kenzie`s Blessing

My Sweet Monchichi,

We celebrated your dedication to the lord and formally announced your Godfather over the weekend. It was such a special day and we were doubly blessed that Granny D and Your Uncle Ryan and Aunty Steph were here to celebrate with you.

Granny D made you a beautiful dress just for the occasion and bought Hunter a gorgeous linen suit but unfortunately it was so hot he only got to wear the shirt and pants but honestly he rocked it!

Granny D spent the week before planning and running around gathering everything we needed for the day and Aunty La did the dedication just like she did for Hunter. It was an amazing day and really successful.

20141220_103723 20141220_103746 20141220_103752 20141220_103813

20141220_103823 20141220_104806 20141220_104814 20141220_104824 20141220_105021 20141220_105111 20141220_111200 20141220_10494320141220_113527 20141220_11354920141220_11434920141220_14140020141220_14583820141220_15052020141220_15064620141220_15064820141220_153515_5_bestshot


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