3 years old today! A letter to Hunter

My Darling Hunter,

Happy 3rd birthday my little Lion cub!

I can hardly believe 3 years have passed since you were in my tummy, it has flown by and I can’t tell you enough how proud we are of you!

I have a feeling that one day you are going to stand in front of me and say “Ag Mom!” much like we do to my mom when I get all nostalgic but I feel like I can be today. My baby boy is 3!

Your Dad and I have watched you become a confident, well spoken and well-mannered little boy, who is easy on the eyes (subtle I know!) and an absolute pleasure to be around. This year we have watched you bloom, my little Lion. You have shown strength and initiative at your young age that we hardly expected you were capable of. Each night Dad and I get into bed and talk about something funny, amazing, cute or naughty that you have done. I see in your fathers eyes how proud he is of you and I go to bed thinking how you have over exceeded my expectations of having a son.

I have watched you welcome you sister to the family with open arms, the compassion you show for her and a mature understanding that she will need your guidance and above all your protection. Its become a family joke that Kenzie is YOUR baby, and anyone that comes close to her needs to check with you first. Just the other day I watched you entertaining her, as she sat in her bouncer, you rode around her in circles on your red plastic bike, and laughed your head off as her head bobbed from side to side watching you go around. I know that you are in the Super hero phase at the moment but you are a real life super hero to Kenzie. Remember ‘There is nothing so strong as a man who can be tender, or so weak as a man who thinks he has to be tough’

Your vocabulary is exceptional for your age and context is perfect, I’m not quite sure that Dad and I can take all the credit for it but you astound us daily.

You have an amazing sense of humor, mainly because it’s so similar to mine, but seriously I laugh until I cry. Here are some highlights for this year:

    • You found a whistle that Granny gave you the other day (remind me to thank Granny for that gift!!!) and were running around the house whistling while I was trying to put Kenzie to sleep so I suggested that you go and show Oupa your new-found toy. off you went and I heard the whistle blowing in the distance (small chuckle to myself). About a day later Oupa was telling me the story of how you had tip toe into his house, saw that he was asleep so walked right up to him, quietly of course, and blew the whistle into his ear. He said he lifted so high off the couch that it was only on the way down that he realised it was you blowing the whistle.
    • I walked out of the bathroom the other day with curlers in my hair, only to hear you respond “What the hell!” Mom – a ball on the floor tears rolling down my face!
    • A growing family through your eyes
    • Night time shenanigans
    • Come I show you

I will hold your little one liners close to my heart forever, in particular ‘Mom, you are my super hero!’

I always said “One day I will have to let you go”, I lied! I am never letting you go!

Today my Super hero/Awesome guy/Super boy/Brother/Fireman/Baby boy, I want you to remember this as you embark on a new year at nursery school…I believe in you, always have and always will! I think you are absolutely over the top amazing…don’t ever forget it! Cue “Ag Mom!”


To complete a stunning birthday, we got one of the best presents ever…a visit from Your Godparents from Italy. Guaranteed that there are more stories to come from this visit.




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