Fire Truck Birthday Party

My Darling Hunter,

For your 3rd birthday we decided on a Fire Truck theme and actually had your party at Hunters Hill Fire Station in Northriding, much to your excitement!

I had done a lot of searching on Pinterest for ideas over the last couple of months and I am actually quite proud of how it turned out. The build up was even great! Grandpa, Dad, you and I spent the day making you your very own fire truck, that you absolutely loved.

We used a normal cardboard box and bought some poster paint in red,black, white and yellow.


You got busy painting the 4 sides of the box and then Dad removed the flaps.


The flaps were then passed on to Grandpa to cut out some wheels while the truck dried.


You had to get in and test the size out while it was drying.

20141124_131430 20141124_133300 20141124_134538 20141124_135012

Lights and ladders where made from the remaining flaps and painted, and the final product had to be paraded in front of the mirror.


For the actual party I printed some Fire Chief certificates to be handed out on the day along with Fire Chief badges that I printed and attached to some red ribbon. I found this all on pinterest.

20141203_212720 20141203_212710

Last but no least the cake…based on the fire truck from Cars.




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