Gogo you will be missed

My sweet babies,

We were woken up this morning to very sad news, your Gogo has passed away.

Her 2 daughter’s had been helping US out while she battled with a sore foot, and this morning they stood in front of me absolutely broken by the passing of their Mother.

Gogo was definitely a personality, one I didn’t always see eye to eye with but if one thing is for sure she was the best carer, friend and nanny to the two of you. She loved you both like her one children and looked after with more love than I could have asked for.
I have no doubt that she had a hand in making Hunter the loving, confident boy he is today, and Kenzie will definitely miss her motherly touch.

Gogo go will God and thank you for looking after my family with such love. You will be sorely missed but never forgotten.




One thought on “Gogo you will be missed

  1. Huntrr J and Kenzie Anne this is such sad news … she loved you both so much … mre than words can say … and knowing you were in er ands ave me such comfort being so far away. She just loved babies and although sometimes Mommy and Daddy got annoyed it her about things they also knew that she cared for you both like her own. She used to chat to Hunter about everything from the minute you woke in in the morning till your eyes closed .. telling you seemingly unnecessary things like .. ooh the wind is blowing the trees so hard Hunter maybe we should stay inside today … but as a result you were aware of everything in life. Kenzie had a little bit of her time but at least it was a little. The biggest thing parents look fir in people that care for their little ones is TRUST and Gogo provided that for them. Lets remember her for her love and trust as she flies with the angles ..R.I.P. you will be missed by Granny D

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