Girly gets her 1st tooth

My Sweet Monchichi,

Ahead of the game as usual you have your first tooth! I found a little white spot peeking through your top gum on Wednesday night! Just to be clear the only reason I realised you had a tooth was because of your huge smile when I got home, which is in complete contrast to your brothers teething journey. Welcome to your first tooth (central incisor)

Honestly you had maybe 3 nights where you were uncomfortable, pulling on your ear and battling to feed but you sailed through it. This could be a result of 1 of 2 things:

  • The amber necklace – not too sure about this but you had no fever and very little pain so maybe?
  • You are just a strong little pumpkin!


So happy for you my little girly but so sad that this is all happening way too quickly for Mommy…before you know it Dad will be walking you down the aisle! Slow down a little bit! To make matters worse I got into the car this morning only to hear Butterfly Kisses playing on the radio. Cue ugly cry.

Muchie Kisses!


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