Those little teeth

My Little Monchichi,

You are officially 5 months old now! It boggles the mind how quickly time is going. While this is the cutest phase of your little life yet those little teeth seem to be causing you so much pain of late, that I actually feel like I am teething!

You have been niggling for some time now but yesterday it seemed to be at its worst. We arrived home from work last night to complete darkness because some sub station had blown (not sure getting tired of the excuses to be honest) to find a very frustrated little girl. Apparently you had given Gogo a good 2 hour talking too, and looked exhausted by the time we got home.

You were not interested in food at all and after a few minutes of TLC you were asleep…for an hour! From then on Dad and I probably got a half an hour sleep in last night in total. The worst part is that even through the pain you continued to smile…all night.

I hope this passes soon by sweet pea, bring on those teeth!



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