Super powers

My Darling Hunter,

Your latest obsession is definitely Spider-man, so for the last couple of months our play time, TV and any other spare second of the day has been filled with Spider-man.

We have downloaded the movies and they seem to be on repeat lately along with every game has some element of a Super power theme to it.

I had to make a point of explaining just how cute you are so here are some of your best lines…

For starters we were all sitting in the lounge one day with Spider-man playing on the TV yet again, when you disappeared down the passage and after a couple of minutes Grandpa went in search.

I heard him trying to negotiate with you so I went to help, only to find you had moved the step ladder up against the wall so that you could climb the wall like Spider-man. Enter the, only real Super heroes can do that and Hunter cant be a super hero without an adult around, discussion.

We were enjoying a warm spring night a few weeks ago when you found a spider running across the table. Total amazed you looked up at me and asked ” Spider bite Hunter on the neck?”

We went in search of the real Spider-man costume and this is what happened

I took you to school one morning but you just seemed so out of sorts that day that I asked you, “My baby, why are you so sad today?” You responded by dropping your shoulders and looking up at me with puppy dog eyes and saying “I lost my super powers and cant find them anywhere!”

Needless to say you have since found them because I was getting ready for work one morning, putting on make up while you watched. The next thing a noticed that you had added some eye shadow of your own. When I asked you to wash it off, you asked why. I replied “Because you going to school now and all your friends are going to see your make up.”, you reply “No Mommy, watch this…(using both hands closed in a fist above your head, you pull your imaginary mask over your face)…see Mommy they cant see I have my mask on!”

It seems that your enthusiasm for Spider-man has rubbed off at work too, now whenever anyone is having a bad day you will randomly see my colleagues pull their face masks over their face.

So we continue each day hearing you talking to your self in your room, saying ” Peeeter Paaarker” in your scary monster voice or saving your sister from monsters.

I love you my Little Lion cub!


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