16 weeks

My little Monchichi,

16 weeks already! Boy I thought that time had flown with Hunter but this is actually ridiculous! I keep thinking that you are this little newborn even though you are trying to tell me that you are not, it seems I’m in denial.


You started giggling this week which is super cute especially because you gave me the biggest giggle when I got home from my first day back at work.

I took you for your 3 month inoculation 2 weeks ago and the nurse wanted to set up another appointment in early October to chat about starting you on solids…I nearly passed out! While I know that you are probably ready to take that step my heart is saying that this is going a bit fast. Looking back at posts about Hunters development it seems i felt the same way with him…how quickly we forget. (The perfect weekend)

You are basically sleeping through the night at this stage waking up at 4, but some nights you do wake for a 1 o`clock bottle. Strangely enough Dad and I are taking this in our stride, it doesn’t seems as exhausting as it was with Hunter. Each morning you lie in your little basket watching your mobile and talk for about 2 hours. This morning you were talking so much I put you in bed with me, and 5 minutes later you were out. I adore those moments!

You have started rolling but haven’t quite perfected it as yet, but you are definitely eager to sit and standing is your favorite ( between you and me, I think that your tummy is too big to be comfortable sitting all the time).


You now weigh 6 kg but are only 59 cm. My sweet little petite Monchichi.


I love you!



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