My Darling Hunter,

Of late you have shown a real interest in superheros, specifically Spider-Man and Superman (or Sooto man as you call it).
So much so that there has been a constant nagging about buying Spider-Mans mask, since you watched the movie and Spider-Man takes his mask off and gives it to the little boy dangling in a car off a bridge in order to make him brave.

Anyway I decided I had better take you to get a mask, just to stop the begging.
The only problem is that the toy stores stock the suits and masks for much older boys. After explaining this you thought it was best just to try it on, right there in the shop.

This is proof that we did try our best to get you a mask my boy, even though we walked out empty handed because you said “Can’t see everything Mommy!” and “costume broken Mommy, no shoot spider web”




You’ll notice we had to roll up the legs and arms so it would fit.


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