My little artist

My Darling Hunter,

I am very proud to say that you are learning so quickly these days that you actually have Dad and I in shock at times.

Since you have started school, you come home with the most beautiful paintings each week and have recently learned to draw in circles. You couldn’t wait to show me the other night when I got home, you did a quick squiggle and stood back saying “Mooi!”

Here is an example of the work you bring home to us every week:


Along with this i get reports from Gogo, that you teacher thinks you are just fabulous, saying you follow instructions perfectly, definitely have leadership ability and are an absolute delight to be around. #proudmommy

So with all of this going on i decided to buy some things to do an activity with you, an idea i got off pinterest. Honestly i was so excited because i thought it would keep you entertained while teaching you some fine motor skills too.

I placed the colander upside down and showed you once (true story) how to insert the pipe cleaners into the holes of the colander. I think in total it took you 3 minutes before you had not only managed to put all the pipe cleaners in the holes but double up by putting the ends into another hole. Very proud but a bit deflated i congratulated you on a job well done.




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