Its the most wonderful time of the year

My Darling Hunter,

This weekend was filled with preparations for Christmas. We set out early Saturday morning to finish up our Christmas shopping before the masses arrived at the shopping centre`s for their last holiday run before leaving Johannesburg for the coast.

It turned out to be such a wonderful day, and I will admit that I got caught up in the Christmas spirit, shopping becomes addictive and everyone is so friendly, I love this time of year!

You even got to meet Father Christmas – not that it was the highlight of your day! You were not letting me put you anywhere near that strange man for photos, so we decided to make it a family one.

Meeting Father Christmas 2012

We went home to Christmas Carols, wrapping gifts and putting up the last few Christmas decorations.

IMG-20121216-00033_1355836875962_oAs i watched you help Dad hang some lights, my mind drifted to those families in Connecticut that have lost such special little Angels just like you, and made me count my blessings. We are so happy and blessed to be have you in our lives, even Gogo walked in this morning telling me hoe she prayed for you last night, to thank God for such a special boy.

I hope that your 1st Christmas is as special as you are to us my little Lion cub.

Love you,



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