Birthday Build up

The count down to the big day has begun, and I am in full party mode.

Invites have been sent out and most have already responded that they are coming! I just love organised people it makes throwing a party so much easier when people respect the fact that you need time to cater and prepare.

Here is your invite:

I have been planning this event for almost an entire year now (I know that I sound a bit crazy) but it’s just such a big day for all of us. We have conquered the 1st year together as a family.

So I am busy working out last-minute glitches and practising my baking skills. I did a test run of mickey mouse cupcakes on the weekend with Granny D, and they turned out pretty cool if I don’t say so myself!.

Monday morning comes and Gogo sees all the preparation and casually asks “Have you invited the other kids?”. It was at the point that my mind kicks into overdrive, but it feels like slow motion… I’m thinking other kids? What? Did I miss someone? I am sure I have invited all your cousins and close friends babies and children, which already tally to 9 children already excessive for a 1st Birthday I think!, but I digress. Have I missed someone, who?

So I take a deep breath and say “Which kids are you talking about?”, to which she replies “The kids from the park, his friends he plays with everyday”. Immediately i exhale, thinking what a relief there can only be max 3 kids I mean you are only 11 months old, how many friends can you possibly have? I tell her to go ahead and invite the kids with the nannies and I will bring the invites for her tomorrow, once she tells me their names.

Later that day, you get home from the park and Gogo approaches me with a piece of paper saying “They are so excited, thank you for the invitation, it’s going to be a lovely day”, i smile and say “Oh that’s a pleasure are these their names?”, i look down and read ……  11 CHILDREN, she has invited another 11 CHILDREN!!!! Never mind the nannies.

I sit down in absolute shock, it’s not like  i can retract the invitation now! We have 20 kids rocking up for your 1st Birthday party in 3 weeks – Mom is in serious overdrive now!

Honestly this whole story is so funny when you think about it and I know that its special that you have so many people who will share your special day with you!

You are definitely worth the hard work my little Lion!



3 thoughts on “Birthday Build up

  1. I can’t believe it’s been already a year…Love the invite!! Wish we could be there for the party!!Miss you and love you lots my little Hunter! Baci (kisses) from zia Stef and zio Ryan

  2. My Little Hunter….your birthday is going to be celebrated in Scotland by Granny d as well…Mommy made me feel so special by involving me in the cupcake making and showing me all the things she has been collecting since March this year and I know you are going to have a great day and since your Mom always starts as she means to go on..things are always going to be wonderful for your birthday.
    Carrie I am so proud of you at how tireless you are in making your son feel loved by the things you do for him….
    In the same way you are gob smacked at how Hunter is developing as a child – I am with you in the way you are growing as a Mother – I see the changes and the growth that you have made in Hunters first year and you have made great and amazing strides, as gracefully as an eagle souring through the sky….. well done my darling daughter – I love you…

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