Beautiful ending

My Darling Hunter,

I can hardly believe that we are already back home! We had been looking forward to this holiday for so long now, and it flew by.

One thing I can say is that it was beautiful watching you experience new things and of course having the privilege of spending the entire day with you for a whole week.

Just a little word of advice:

One day when you have a baby, remember that your Mom warned you that everything you do with your baby the 1st time will be the best. In our experience it doesn’t get better.

All in all it was a wonderful holiday and I have cherish the time I have spent with you.

Its goodbye to Granny D today until we all meet again in Italy next year – bitter-sweet, but at least she got to see just how amazing you are in the flesh.

I love you my little Lion cub!

Love Mom



One thought on “Beautiful ending

  1. Hunter Granny D had a wonderful holiday with you and your Mom and Dad…I got to know you in the flesh and learnt that you are the most wonderful cheerful happy baby who is a joy to look at and be near…you had a mean time with those teeth that are biting you and you also managed to do miserable well…honestly you are a little champion….
    I have to say thank you to your Mom and Dad for letting me gate crash your holiday at such late notice…they gave me something that money can’t buy….happiness….
    I love you all..

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