Granny D`s Arrival

My Darling Hunter,

Granny D arrived on Saturday for an impromptu visit, I guess she just couldn’t stand being away from you a minute longer.

In all honesty I was pretty nervous about how you would react to her when you saw her, because to you at the moment she is another stranger, the last time you saw her, you were 3 weeks old.

But in true Hunter style you rose to the occasion and welcomed her with open arms. It was such a special moment for us as a family and you made her feel welcome immediately.

You talked and kisses and played so nicely together, and you benefited with an entire suitcase filled with new toys.

We had a family lunch together and Grandpa, Blake and Robs joined us to celebrate while you showed off your new tricks of eating by yourself and grinning with a big toothy smile.


We spent the weekend at home catching up with family before leaving for our holiday in Ballito on Monday.


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