The Saxon Experience

Today your Dad and I had our 1st official date day since you were born.

The founder of the company I work for also owns the Saxon Hotel in Sandton, in fact the Hotel used to be his house before it was transformed into the Hotel. Now, I know by saying that you may think how special can the Hotel be if it was his house, but its one of those things that you have to see to believe. It became the home to Nelson Mandela after his release from prison and the place he wrote his book – long walk to freedom (A good read by the way).

I was lucky enough to win an awesome incentive at work – A Saxon spa voucher, and decided to share it with your Dad because its such a special place.

We decided that because the  the house we would splash out on breakfast before the treatment, so we took the day off work and left you with Gogo and off we went.

We knew it would be expensive but this was a celebration so we were up for it. You drive onto the ground and are surrounded by rolling lawns and beautiful big trees. The security direct you to the under ground parking where someone is waiting for you, to show you to your parking and open the door for you. We were told that the driver would arrive shortly to escourt us to the door, your Dad and I tooked at each other in confusion because we could see the door from where we stood, but decided to accept the invitation. The car arrived and dropped us off at the door wher another 4 guards opened the door and showed us the way inside while carrying our bags, very impressive.

When you walk into the hotel its hard to imagine that this was someones home, absolutely beautiful!

We sat outside by the pool to a well welcomed coffee and ordered breakfast at R300 per person (slightly steep but worth the experience), we decided on the Continental breakfast which was quite the spread,

before we made our way to the spa. We had the Rasaul Chamber treatment which is basically a steam room with “rain from the sky” and you smear exfoliating sugar and then mud all over and then bake and wait for the showers. The whole experience was delightful and well overdue for Dad and I.

Before coming home we lazed around in the jacuzzi for a while, the whole day was amazing.

Not bad for our 1st day out, next time is Dads turn to pick, hard to measure up to the Saxon but just the time we spent together was worth it!


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