Crying is Okay here…

My Darling Hunter,

We had such a great day together!

We watched the Kardiashian`s at 5 this morning while you had your bottle and then got back into bed with Dad and slept some more. I woke up to your beautiful smile and coos, feeling so blessed!

It was Gogo`s first day today, you were on your best behavior, I sometimes look at you and wonder what I have done to be blessed with such a happy baby. I found myself showing Gogo what to do and then doing it myself rather than letting her get the hang of things but I honestly couldn’t get enough of you today. I have no doubt that you guys will be great together.

We ended the day off with an afternoon nap together – it was perfect! Then your Dad came home and offered to bath you, while I got dinner on the go. Suddenly I became a pathetic crying mess! Yes, that’s right crocodile tears, blotchy skin, running snot the whole works! I couldn’t let you go!

This is only the beginning we still have one day left together but damn I had to really concentrate on getting a hold of myself.

Solution: Dad gave me a chocolate, and I sat down to Greys Anatomy (cried some more) and now im feeling a whole lot better.

They say that tears are words from the heart that can’t be spoken, clearly i have alot to say!

I love you my little Lion cub!


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