Make time to listen to the whisper…

When you are pregnant everyone tells you that you will know what to do when your baby needs you. They assure you that your mother’s intution will just kick in and miraculously you will know exactly what to do.

What they don’t tell you is that you have to listen really closely for that inner voice, because it starts as a small whisper, something happens out of the ordinary and makes you think “that’s new/different”. Never in my experience has this intuition screamed loudly in my ear that something is wrong. Over time this whisper becomes louder and eventually you can’t avoid listening to the annoying tapping on your shoulder.

This is where motherhood will throw you off course because you are so busy cleaning bottles, nappies and looking at colours of poo that it’s so easy to miss the whisper.

My angel paid the doctor another visit today and it took me an entire day to just trust myself and listen to the roar. I am kicking myself for subjecting him to a whole day of agony just because I didn’t want to be that hypercondriac mother who takes her kid to the Doc for every little thing.

Note to self – make time everyday to listen to the whisper.


One thought on “Make time to listen to the whisper…

  1. The Whisper will become the most important thing in your life Carrie with regard to Hunter J and any others that will come in the future. It is such a hard thing to understand but now you have it and don’t forget. The Whisper comes in many forms but it is there all the time almost like a guardian angel that looks over you all the time. Use it to the full .

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